Calling Card

Hi All NACHI members,

I’m quite sure that I read a short article in the Inspector’s Quarterly in the last year that interested me but now I can’t find it. The article was written by a home inspector and it was about a little tent style calling card that he leaves at every inspection for the home owners. The card thanks them for letting him into their home, explains that while every attempt is made to leave the house exactly as it was when he arrived, sometimes the thermostat settings, GFCI outlets, thermostsat and other items have been tested and might not be exactly as the were. I have the December 2005 edition of I.Q. and it isn’t in that issue. I was hoping that someone may have that article on file or saved on computer and would be willing to forward it to me. I would like to utilize something like this in my own business and I recall liking the inspectors verbiage very much. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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