CalNACHI and InterNACHI Promotes YOU

[FONT=Verdana][size=2]On May 2, 2008 CalNACHI and InterNACHI will be on hand to market YOU to 22,000 real estate professionals, 70 cites, and 4 counties, at the Pacific West Association of Realtors® annual trade show located at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, Ca.[/size][/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana][size=2]Stop by and say Hi[/size][/FONT]

You just like Disneyland. Admit it.

Of course he does. That’s why he lives down the street!

The truth is, I’d like to live in Disneyland. I’d feel a lot safer than living in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Seriously, I’ve been taking my children to Disneyland since they were two, and now my twin girls are twenty-three. Times flies.

I have been going since I was 5 Keith, I am 48…

My mother was in her 20’s for her first visit in the 50’s…

Will you be there Keith?

I’m going to make an attempt to show up, but it has been unusually busy over the last couple of months.

Disneyland… Here’s a true story. If it wasn’t for Disneyland and Walt Disney, I wouldn’t be typing here today. My parents both worked at Disneyland and MET there, 31 years ago!!!

Now I pay my thanks… with Annual Passes for my kids! $480 a year! ouch… but well worth the investment.


I got my renewal in the mail yesterday. I haven’t even opened it to see how much they’ve increased the cost this year…

I highly recommend the Deluxe pass… For $239 The southern california pass is about $70 cheaper but BLOCKS OUT just about all of July and August and all kinds of Saturdays throughout the year…

I am glad that Calnachi is getting the word out to the Pacific Realtors Group…

We also need to hit up OCAR… Orange County Association of Realtors, they are the mothership of all the realtor associations here in Orange County.

And it would also be nice to eventually put a Banner Advertisement on OCAR or

Just my thoughts, Good work guys!


I usually get one premium for the parking and 10-15% discount on food, and one deluxe.

Justin, if you go to any NACHI meetings let me know as I’d like to go to a few in the area. I live about 5 minutes from the Ontario Airport so it’s only 30 minutes down there for me.

Sounds good… I will let you know if I attend any.


Yes, I’ll be there. give me a call.
How about taking on that responsibilty for CalNACHI?
Cheers, Keith.
PS. Drove to Disneyland this morning, for breakfast. Home by lunchtime to work on CalNACHI business.

Disneyland…The Happiest Place On Earth…Have not been able to renew my annual passports for the last couple of years…Maybe this will be my year…I live about 2-2 1/2 hours away so I normally take 3 day trips every 2 months and have not got tired of the place yet.

Maybe Nick can give away a family four pack one of these days.,

How’s biz up there in “B” town? I just got back from Tulare and stopped at Matia’s for some Basque food.

Damn, I miss Basque food…

Guess who’s going to Disneyland. Hint, it’s not Tom Brady.

It has been really wet and a lot of snow in the surrounding mountains…Basque GOOOOOD! Business appears to be picking up, lots of Inspectors going out of business here, I have been reaping those benifits lately.:mrgreen:

Same trend here in LA. I know of three who have closed their doors in the last few months. In spite of that (or perhaps as a result), I have been busier than ever.

I know a few guys up here by me (Glendora, Rancho Cucamonga area) that are back to doing 2-3 inspections a day because other guys are closing up.

Went to Disneyland in the mid fifties as a young kid. In the early 60, as a student at occ (Orange Community College), my room mate and I got a job at Disneyland (Part Time) running the t
Tea Cup ride. What fun, Walt Disney was still around looking over our shoulders!!!