CalNachi Down

I tried to login the site and 404 page

CalNachi is no more.

Jeff oh ok …:frowning:

site seem to never have any action any way…

CalNACHI voluntarily agreed to be assimilated by InterNACHI. Next week, Canada’s CanNACHI, though remaining separately operational, will amalgamate with InterNACHI too. We are also currently in negotiations with another well known state association (that has never been associated with InterNACHI) to acquire them as a subsidiary of InterNACHI.

I got this from Google
[size=3]**CalNACHI is committed to serving the needs of the California Real Estate community and Consumers at large through public forums and continuing education. **

To All Our Members To our CalNACHI members: Due to the slow economy, many of our members were having difficulty paying two or more association fees, and we feel that the best solution at this time is to merge CalNACHI members into InterNACHI. Many of you are already InterNACHI members, and your renewals will not be affected. We can continue to share and gain California specific information and free education through the NACHI website at Thank You As always, Keith is happy to share his knowledge with fellow inspectors, so feel free to call him anytime at 818-363-0176 California message board Visit InterNACHI’s message board for the California Specific forum where you can continue to learn and share.

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Interesting that there has been no fevered denial over on the CANACHI site. CANACHI members are going to find their memberships converted to INACHI memberships when they wake up one morning.


Let’s not be stupid, please.

Although I can be abrasive and combattive at times (me???;-)), no one can deny the fact that NO organization, whether corporate or international, may use the name of another organization or corporation in their name without the expressed written consent of the original name owner or or trademark owner or copyright owner, etc.

Keeping that in mind, CANNACHI and CalNACHI operated with the informal blessing and consent of one Nick Gromicko.

Nick is a benevolent person and has always maintained, through spoken word and practice, that whatever works best for NACHI members and THIS organization is allowed to exist. Remember the key words: NACHI members and THIS organization.

It comes as no surprise to me that CalNACHI would eventually fold. Not that it didnt have great folks at the helm. It’s just that it couldnt keep up with the NACHI model. Jeff Pope is an excellent guy; one of the BEST that this org, and that this industry has. If you cant make it with Jeff as a prime mover, you cant make it at all. It has little to do with CalNACHI’s leadership, and comes down to revenue. Pure and simple.

CANNACHI is something else in its entirety. While holding itself out as a completely separate entity, I suspect that it was ALLOWED to exist, with nothing formally in writing between the parent and offspring. As such, it is generally a Nick decision as to how he envisions things going.

Any other hypothesis as to why CANNACHI is assimilated may have some minor bearing on a stark reality, but at the end of the day, CANNACHI was ALWAYS a part of NACHI. Just like any franchise.

As an example… we once had a video store in town called McVideos. The M looked loke the golden arches of McDonalds. The two were in dissimaler businesses. McDonalds sued over the name and trademark infringement.

They went to court. McVideos was no more.


What’s the common thread? You tell me if the tail wags the dog.

By the way… A.C. and company did a GREAT job up there…

I certainly am not going to give a fevered denial, George, but as director of education for Cannachi, I would hope to have some knowledge of this ridiculous accusation, if it were actually true. I have no such knowledge. I would certainly have not given all my time and effort into the building of Cannachi, had I thought for one second, that it would be turned over to Inachi, or anyone else. Inachi is a great organization, which has done
great things for the industry, as a whole, but Canada belongs to Cannachi! In order to be able to give Canadian credentials; the association must be Canadian based. Inachi is not, so it is only able to go so far within the borders of Canada.