Cam Allens white paper on OAHI

Still many of the same directors at OAHI
Looks like Little has changed…



We have a number of areas of immediate concern, the first being that under Revenue Canada rulings, Wendy Gelman is an employee; she cannot be considered an independent contractor. OAHI is her only account, so I have been told and given the hours she bills us I could not think where else she could work. Unlike Jenny and armed with recent rulings with respect to this matter I contacted our Lawyer and sent him the agreement. He is in FULL AGREEMENT that each and every one of us as directors “could be” held personally responsible for her taxes. He is also in agreement that some form of work agreement is needed. We are both in agreement that to have all the records and documents in Wendy’s cellar is a disaster waiting to happen. We must have this matter corrected within 30 days, no other answer. At this point in time I will advise all concerned that I will resign as Director/Treasurer on September 30th if this matter is not corrected. I will not be held fully or partially responsible for anyone’s taxes.
Currently we have been billed for 61,406.00 for administration purposes. The annual budget is for 50,000.00. At the current rate of billings we will spend approximately 95,000.00 PLUS assistant and student helpers. I might add that we are also on the hook for their taxes also. This would put her in the 45% tax bracket or about 40,000 in income taxes we could/maybe/possibly be on the hook for.
Because of the expected federal ruling, the workers compensation board also becomes an issue should anyone that we have paid gets injured, Wendy, her husband or the student and the first fine would be non-compliance of the Workers Act. Have any of you seen a carpel tunnel syndrome case?


The administrator is advised immediately that we require notarized confirmation that all taxes are paid. She is to be advised that effect immediately she is an employee and our new bookkeeper will make the arrangements for the necessary compliances in the interim. All part time people that she hires are to be advised of the same conditions and will be expected to comply immediately/


In plain and simple terms our ‘ former ‘ accountant should have advised the OAHI of this, it was his responsibility and I intend, with the boards blessing to have a ‘discussion’ with him over this.


We now have an office that we are paying for, we are paying a substantial sum for an administration secretary and couple together we must get out of the basement and become a professional storefront operation. I feel we could easily hire two full time secretarial staff for less than we are paying now. We could rent a storage locker/garage for the bulk documents and the space we have in our office could easily handle two people, properly organized. I recommend we hire one of our past presidents to spear head this major move. I do not know how Wendy will react, this is business gentlemen & Laurel, and the decisions will be hard and expect major upset. We need someone we can trust who knows our organization and PAY THEM for this consultant time. Pay someone, Alrek, anyone!!! and get the office finished ASAP.


The annual budget for Administration is 50,000.00; we presently have paid out 61,406.00. Credit Card fees are budgeted for 5000.00, they are at 6059.00. Our Legal Budget for the year is 10,000.00. We have paid out nearly 14,000.00 to date. The Defect Recognition Courses are budgeted at 45,000 and we have paid out 34,180 to date. Fortunately we have received 59,501 to date. This is a prime example that we should be addressing the quality and quantity of our education process.
We have spent 2218.00 on gifts with a 1000.00 budget. Directors travel and phone is over 50% spent and the busy fall and conference is ahead of us. In a capsule form we are heading for a substantial loss, the amount undetermined right now. We must make some very difficult, likely politically disastrous to yours truly (I can live with that) decisions here.


After some discussion with Alrek and looking at the fact we had to advance 15,000.00 to balance the conference budget, with the back lash from this insurance issue, the splintering of the national program the likelihood that this would come anywhere close to break even. How can we justify a conference when we do not even have a cohesive office or am able to supply insurance? This conference is going to be a “white elephant” and it is time we faced the issues and spent our $$$ on the important issues.


I advised (as some know) our accountant that his services were no longer needed effective August 4th. I have contacted Janisen, the former PACHI bookkeeper and have asked the Finance Chair Alrek to meet with her, get the records to her and get an interim statement done and an estimate as to her costs.


With all the community college courses, our courses, extension courses our process has become cumbersome and unclear. Recently I had a new member who could not get the answers in simple terms. Have the board of Examiners and the Education Committee step back and clear the plate for all new and progressing members and then stick with this as to the date each person signs on. No changes mid stream, it is hurting our credibility badly.


1; Hire help, preferably a retired/semi-retired former President and give him a mandate to get our office done, our records into a secure storage, either move Wendy under a new arrangement or hire new staff, we need two people. If our new recording gentleman has some expertise, get him for 60-120 days.
2; Get a bookkeeper to get our records up to date and file the necessary documents for staff as required by Revenue Canada and Provincial Regulations.
3; Cancel the conference, use the national initiative and insurance as the reasons, tell them the sky is pink ‘anything’. We cannot afford this, if CAPHI wants to take over, it’s all theirs.
4; Forget the national insurance program, hire a consultant and get the professional help for a Made in Ontario Plan. We have an insurance professional that we used recently, what about him? Give him a direction and put a deadline on it. Get something in place this week and let the membership know we have directions, we look like we are all over the plate right now and time is up!!!