Camera Insurance?

Do most of you have your cameras insured for theft and if so what are you being charged?

Inland marine rider on my GL policy. Don’t recall the premium charged for it but not too high. Make sure it’s covered in the office, vehicle and on job sites.

So that’s basically adding a piece of business equipment to your standard home owners policy?

USAA just happens to have their computers down at the moment so they aren’t able to tell me much.

I was told that since my camera is for business purposes than it can’t be covered under normal personal home owners insurance.

It looks as if they want me to open a separate business insurance policy. $17,000 worth of equipment for about $45/month.

That’s not to bad in my mind but I have no idea if that’s a good price or not when compared to other possible options. Wish I could find a bit cheaper option.


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Hope this helps.

I just renewed my GL insurance policy for $309. $1mil.GL and $10,000 for equipment IR, laptop etc. (Inland Rider) Pekin Insurance

Sorry no. It’s on my commercial general liability account. USAA writes their business insurance through The Hartford and they wouldn’t write for home inspectors, so my business GL is with CNA

Personal property, like a camera, can usually be insured under a home owner’s or renter’s insurance. Some policies will cover your possessions even when they are not in your home.

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