Camera on pole or ladder

Gabe just go to a Menard’s like I did or a Home Depot type store and get a two section window washers type pole(fiberglass)
Take your tripod mount to the store with you and size it with a proper size PVC nipple that it can clamp to and a coupling for the pole scew end to attach to the coupling.
It is simple as that.
You want PVC as the threads are not going to be matched and you can force them in.

It didn’t dawn on me that you were talking about a web cam all along.

No idea what you are talking about.
This is a Sony digital camera being used.(see above posts).

Hi James.
Bob is using a digital HD camera in video mode.
It is not a webcam.

I am still puzzled though how one can know exactly where the camera - which could be 25+ feet above - is really pointing.
I guess it is practice and experience.
I am looking into a setup where I could see on the ground, on my laptop, what the camera sees and also I want to be able to control the tilt the zoom and the shutter.
It seems that to be able to do that I would have to buy a Canon or Nikon SLR camera ($500+) special control software ($175) and a Pan/Tilt Head ($130) and a special USB cable ($70) and probably a stronger pole than a fiberglass window washing pole as the setup could be a bit heavy for the fiberglass pole (not certain about the last one).
If I would want to take pictures and the woble is too much, I would need a Steadicam/Flycam and that could be between $100 and $900.
I forgot a tripod which could be a few 100 bucks as well.
There are comercial packages that include all of the above less the camera and they go fo upwords of $2,500 (not a typo)

So now I can add Expert Mast Photographer to my name :).


My setup cost $50.
I doubt you can do better.Do not make it more complicated than needed.
Keep it simple.I can not force you to not waste money but good luck with that.:roll:

That is why I asked about the webcam. Like John S. was saying that he tethers the cam to a tablet and can see what he is taking a picture of. My 2go tablet is capable of using a remote webcam and taking stills with it. Just a thought.

I think taht a regular webcam does not have suficient resolution to do the job.
Maybe the new HD webcam can.
I have an old webcam with a 640x480 resolution and it is not good enough for me.
I think I will but a newer HD webcam and a pole like Bob suggested just to try the idea.

Bob, if you don’t mind since now we are 3 people who don’t understand exactly how you see the target, could you just confirm that you are shooting blind but with your experience you probably get the target correctly.



Isn’t there a Certified Master Mast Photographer logo, or is that a separate organization?

I will post that a little later

Gabe as I said earlier in the thread the tripod mount has a stick that is easy to see and that is all you need for direction.
Maybe this is just to easy that everyone wishes it was complex.
You are taking video (not stills) You take stills off the video)

You guys can do a forum search at top and find lots of threads on this.
Here is one of them.

Here. Try this.

You forgot the smiley face.
3 to 4 minutes of flight time, poor quality pictures and video. But for what I paid for it ($49)

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Web cams can be in different quality. No where near HD but I keep my digital set to only a couple of MP anyway. Seeing it on the screen allows me to zoom and capture as needed.


Didn’t Nick have one on here for sale?

I have a Flip Ultra HD that I’m going to try with a roof pole. I’ve used my inspection camera set on automatic in the past, but the focus (depth of field) was always sketchy. The Flip takes great HD videos with a wide depth of field and automatically adjusts for light changes.

Why not try this. Although it is not cheap.

You answer your own question.
That is better than my $50 solution because…?

I used to do all my inspections with a camera on a telescopic pole and did them long before the invention of laptops or iPads. Here is a PIC of me doing an inspection with a desktop computer powered by a big battery backup system: