Camera specs

When I get a new laptop I can power it up and go to control panel to see if the software/hardware inside matches the specs that are advertised.

When I get my new TI camera, how or what do I check to see if the specs are as advertised? For example 160x120?

Your MFG manual that comes with the camera;-):D:D Not all cameras are the same

That’s how many pixels will be in the output image. You can verify it via the EXIF data. Of greater importance to you is to learn how to work all of the camera controls in the field, especially focus, range, span. It will also be useful for you to know your SSR (spot size ratio) so that you know how close you need to get to an object to be able to get an accurate reading. You should also spend some time with the software to learn how to thermally tune and optimize your images. Become familiar with how sensitive the imager is and how to control conditions to optimize your ability to find things.


The camera information is located in the device settings menu. ITA has excellent training videos many for free.

Thanks David that’s what I was wondering. Appreciate it.