Camera will not shut off

Just had the third time where my Flir Bcam SD went into Grey mode .
Two small lines up center of screen and I could not shut it off. removed Battery and camera then works fine .
Just wondered has any one else had this happen.
Still waiting since Nov for my certificate from FLIR CANADA.
Will be contacting them but wanted to hear if any one else has had any of these things .


That happens often, Roy. I just “re-boot” the thing, like you did. Remove the battery and count to 10.

Excementa Occidet

This has happned to me before, I just had to re-boot.

My flir b2 will do this after charging.

Pull the bat and re-boot. Works fine.


Thanks Heep’s guys feel better just a small glitch and it looks like it is not only mine .

Mine did it twice so far.

I think it stays in a stand-by mode for a while after you shut down. I think mine did it when it was recovering from a shut down that was a bit extended.

Same expirences here, always works fine after I re-boot…Scared me to death the first time though.

Nachi is so great many including me will sleep better tonight .



The same thing happened to me as well, maybe we should contact Flir about this problem.

I also have not received my certificate from Flir (ITC). The e-mail I received from Paul Frisk stated “Congratulations” on passing Level 1 but you and Roy will not receive a certificate :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously, I called Paul and he said they were a little behind and that we would receive it soon!!
</IMG>Hang in there Roy, its only a document!! You know you passed!

The re-boot problem was fixed on the $15,000 model.:mrgreen:

I purchased the lower priced BCAM instead of the BCAM SD
and have never had any of these problems…:slight_smile:

Could this be due to colder climates?..I’ve not had or heard of this issue from our southern brethren or the sisters for that matter.