Campground Inspection advice

Hello All! I’m inspecting a campground next week. I’m looking for advice about this type of inspection. Any special considerations?? There is a pool and 30 / 50 amp circuits at the sites. 70 sites. Thank you!

Id start with a limited inspection contract. Sounds like a good deal of the inspection is outside normal inspection scope/SOP. Limited it to just the specific areas you are going to inspect and nothing more.

I would look for information on what they are required to do and the maintenance of the areas so I could include it as additional information and not only have the inspection report but additional service information for the client. That could be a good referral contact.

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Obviously it is a commercial inspection, not a Home Inspection…

Biggest issues seems to be electrical. All that plug-in stuff gets hot from bad connections over time. Lots of exposure to the weather.

Safety issues are a primary concern. A lot of handyman repairs seem to happen at campgrounds.

Just do the buildings as any other…

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