Can a Canadian inspector cross border?

Hello -

Live in B.C. Bought home just across the border in Washington State.

Would an inspector from B.C. be willing to cross the border to inspect the home?

Would this be legal? Although the inspection would take place in Blaine, Washington, I am Canadian hiring a Canadian.


I think Washington has some regulations or licensing pertaining to home inspectors and home inspections, so you might not be able to do it under the guise of a home inspection. Of course, you could always do the inspection and then feel back to Canada. Or at the very least, don’t sue your Canadian inspector under Washington laws if he misses something.

Email user name SStanczyk. He’s in Washington and is up on their laws.


If you can have the Washington home inspected by your Canadian cohort before September 1st, 2009, then the home inspection would be considered legit.

Washington Licensure ( SB 6606](***) enacted in 2008.*** Requires the licensure of home inspectors and establishes various qualifications for licensure. Licenses will be issued beginning July 1, 2009. Beginning September 1st, 2009, inspectors will be required to have a Washington HI license to inspect. Anyone who can prove he has worked as a home inspector for at least two years and has conducted at least 100 home inspections may apply to the board before September 1, 2009 for licensure without meeting the instruction and training requirements.