Can a felony stop me from getting licensed

Hello everyone I have a question before i get to deep into this course I have a 25 year old felony it was back in 1997 I’ve been clean ever since, served 2 years in prison for it nothin more after that I do have great work history currently I manage 2 shopping centers on the maintenance side so do I have a chance i think I should would like to hear from others my crime was robbery it’s the only thing I have

Call the state’s licensing dept. for the state you live in. Each state is different.


what Tom said . Each state is different…

Thank you very much appreciate the quick response i will call, I’ll post here the update As this will help others in my situation

Depends… … …
Florida would be OK for most licensing unless a violent crime or repeated stuff like armed burglary.

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What State are you trying to get licensed in?

What you described would not automatically disqualify you for a license in Texas nor wood a current armed bank robbery, terrorist bombing, etc., etc. Unfortunately here it is left to the licensing board to decide if your license is approved and it is mostly a subjective process.

As others have said, it depends on where you work. I had to get a background check for my KY license but not for my TN license.
I aced my job interview and hired myself on the spot. My boss (me) is the best.

Best of luck, Alexis. Be your own boss. There is no limit to your future success.


Congrats on getting on track and making something of yourself. Best of luck to you and your business. NC does background checks and apparently they don’t care if you have countless speeding tickets; because here I am! HAAA


Here in Alaska you can’t have any theft or robbery convictions. It automatically disqualifies you from obtaining ANY license where you’re inside of someone’s home. Not sure on the statues of limitations on that though. Good luck brother.

Im in the state of Florida it’s a armed burglary charge, non violent no more repeat offenses, i was charged this because a cap gun or starter gun was removed from the house, Im getting setup to for a my own handyman business or inspection business go to have a plan b in place when your tired of plan a

Update i called Florida department and business regulation they said they can’t give a yes or no answer it’s a case by case basis so I’ll take that as a yes, Im a yes men so just need to go thru this great course take the exam submit it to them, then I’ll get (approved) I’m a yes men, so on to my studies, i did look what would prevent me from getting Im charge is not listed there, if I committed a felony in regards to home inspection then no license will be issued so Im good