Can a few of you assist me.......

Hey Guys and Gals,

I am working on my new website changes and I found out today that on some browsers my left side category does not line up properly to the left. So i am asking a few of you to do a few screen shots with different browsers and post the images in this thread so i can see what they are looking like.

I dont ask for much…so any help would be great. I dont need any views with IE 7 or 8 as it works fine with those…but any other browser screen shots would be most excellent.

Thanks in advance fella’s

Well, I’m using IE so I’ll help another time. :slight_smile:

Looks good with Firefox Paul…!

FireFox screen clip.
The Electrical Code Articles link does not work.


Thanks guys…yeah I am working on putting all my articles I have written in a central location. That area is not ready for me to launch just yet.

I think it is only the older versions of IE that do not format it correct. It appears that IE 6 or earlier does not show it right but all the others do fine. I wonder how many people are still using an old IE browser considering upgrades are free…lol

Paul, this is from Safari. Looks good.

Picture 11.jpg

Anyone have IE 6.0 they can view it and post a screen shot?

Thanks Leah…Thanks everyone. I had forgotten their was so many browsers out their these days.

Here is my view on FF and IE8


Last one is chrome

You must be a liberal as you lean to the left…:slight_smile:

lol…yeah well to be honest I line up to the left to be easy on various screen sizes…lol

Looks good on an older version of FF from here. I do have a real good picture of you Paul that could go front page. I think you know the one. Lucky when my old laptop died, I was able to save most of my files. including that one…]:mrgreen:

lol…I dont think the THONG shot would be very helpful Stephen…lol

I just upgraded to FireFox 3.5.5 and it seems to work fine…

With that attitude, you classes will continue to be filled with men. You could change the industry and bring women into the electrical field with that picture. It may very well be popular in San Francisco also. :wink:

Here Paul…I found that better cover shot you asked me about—:stuck_out_tongue:

lol; I don’t think I need to worry to much about that Stephen…lol…and Dale I don’t think I will use that picture either…lol

Here ya go Paul,

Firefox 3.55
IE 8

Hmm the face pic… You give me the impression of “modeling” …hmmm:D

Do you want that “look” or…make it technical…MAN…The guys want tough, technical…not GQ…GURU! Hard hat, chain saws…High power Xfer with Mega pickup truck and tools!! Greasy sledge hammer serious…:wink:

The text is close to your Face pic… See the screen shot so you may want to trim GQ pic down or put a 452MkV power tower pic there!!:smiley:

FWIW - I just took a quick look at the page as well as the underlying html code. I am by no means an expert, but it doesn’t appear that your are utilizing tables in the page layout. I have found that confining page sections to individual table cells yields much better placement control.