Can anyone explain tis anomolie?


What’s up with the thermal difference?

The subject had been inside all day…:wink:


Can not depend on* Depends*?


No… he had not wet his pants… this is everyday “normal” for the subject…

Diabetes, and poor circulation in the lower extremities??? or mabe just Gas…;-):mrgreen:

Very close!!! Or should I say getting warmer…:mrgreen:



Lol – quite possibly… I didn’t ask:mrgreen:


This is a thermal image of my best friend (more like a brother) who tragically became a bilateral amputee below the knees about 16 years ago as a result of a bush hog accident.
I found it pretty interesting to scan his legs and see his prosthesis to be about room temperature.

OUCH!!! That hurts just thinking about it…