can anyone help?

I was in a home the other day that I am thinking of buying.
It had previously been inspected by another inspector not associated with NACHI.
He had placed tags and stickers on the main water shutoff location and on the furnace to show airflow direction.
These tags and stickers not only identified these items but had his name, affiliation and phone number attached.
A great marketing idea.
Does anyone know were I could possibly purchase such items ?
Are they available through NACHI ?
I’ve done some searching but can’t seem to find anything.

Fred You can possible get all that stuff at Staples.You can buy sheets of different size stikers and print any thing you want on them with your computer,as far as the tags not sure if Staples carry them.

Fred I think you will find some of these at the NACHI Store, 1-877-661-0301 but do NOT order it by UPS!!

Fred .
They are available at the NACHI store .
Are you going to any of the Toronto meeting I will give you a bunch.
I bought lots .


I think ITA used to sell those as well, but that was quite a while back.

The idea of printerd stickers on a tag is a great one though…


Shut Off Tags and Main Disconnect Label

Great idea in principle - but I would suggest one caveat before taking on the task. Believe me when I tell you that some “homeowners” get a really upset when this happens - mostly without their permission. I have fielded complaints through CAHPI National ethics committee in a few of these circumstances.

So my tip - I would highly recommend getting the owners approval before doing such.

Always someone at NACHI to help !

We all know that some people just want to complain .
A bit more information would be appreciated on your statement "I have fielded complaints through CAHPI National "
Example what was their complaint and how many did you get.
What was the CAPHI decision and did CAHPI feel it was a frivolous Complaint and did CAHPI feel the HI was doing a bad thing by putting on these labels .
P2P does it all the time and A company of this size is smart enough to know if it is bad advertising they would stop. .
The water softer guys do it the furnaces guys do it ,many electrical contractors do it .
The get you ducts cleaned in 2007 do it .

Cookie …

If you are a guest in someones home, inspecting for a potential buyer, you have no business putting your stickers on anything. If you are doing a prelisting inspection and have the home owners permission, fine. As a home owner, I would be p’d off if someone elses home inspector came into my home and started sticking his business card on everything. My 2 cents.

Give them to the clients so that when they move in they can put them on, or better yet improve your service and offer to visit them on closing to install the tags.


Excellent ideas!:slight_smile:

Just ask permission from the owner and explain the benefits and 99.9% of them will let you. Since most of them don’t have a clue what is what it would increase their comfort zone in their home.

I make up my own tags by printing them on the back of a bunch of business cards. I leave a note for the home owners telling them what I have done ( a pre-printed tent) and have not had a complaint yet. Of course there will always be a first time!

Besides the cards with my logo on one side hanging all over the basement look awful purtty!