Can cable wires be run...lay on top of the roof?

This is a condo…hopefully you can see the cable wire laying on
top of the roof.

Is this a coax cable it hard to tell from the picture, if so it’s fine even though it would have been better to run cable under eave/fascia? Just a lazy way to run cable IMO. There are many times that satellite disc are installed on the highest peak of a home and the cable has no choice but to run on top of roof.

Now if this is electrical wiring that’s a different story.

Not a big fan as material can build up behind it. If you have no choice you should run it down the center of the peak.

Easy for me…I do not inspect communications equipment.

The real issue is that the cable on the shingle will cause excessive premature wear of the shingle as it moves .

I write up anything that is in contact with the roof that doesn’t belong there. I always write up SatTV and CaTV cables draped across the roof surface.

Thanks everybody for the response…