Can I be a CMI without ever having performed an inspection?

Recently a message board post made my a non-CMI contained the following misinformation:

This is simply not true.

The bottom of the CMI application reads:

That doesn’t really clarify if they ask or not. Is the question part of the application?

Who, specifically, are Members of the board?

Seems to me that the above statement is a built-in “prejudicial clause” meant to give the “Board” a way out if they do not like a candidate that otherwise qualifies. Why else would such a vague and self-serving statement ever be included? This is something I would expect to see from a “Good Old Boy’s Club”! :shock:

What Nick is suggesting is that while someone may have “Time” in Industry along with an “Excess Amount” of CE…
Lack of practical experience may preclude obtaining the CMI designation…

Yeah, I thought it was pretty clear myself. You would have thought if it was so easy to just buy it there would be thousands holding the designation “if no other reason” if it is “just” a marketing tool.

There weren’t that many jumping on it in the beginning when it was around $300 (don’t remember the exact figure but do know it was never $50). If it had been there would be a lot more people with the designation.

A lot of this whining just sounds like CMI envy…Most of the people currently holding the CMI were the ones who lobbied to raise the requirements in the beginning, even some who knew they would not qualify until a later date once they acquired the necessary criteria.

This CMI from Illinois never inspected a home, s h i t stains in a toilet maybe, but not a home.
John J. Hembling, CMI
ServiceMaster H.H.K., Inc.
Oak Park, IL

Sorry Nick, but my statement is true. There is “**The opportunity **to be a CMI without ever having inspected a home.” There is nothing in the CMI requirements that says there is a minimum number of inspections required. It would be up to the anonymous Board to use the “out” you have posted. If they choose to take the money and application, it could happen. If actual inspections is so important, why isn’t there a specific requirement for a minimum number?

Now if you tell me that YOU oversee each and every application, and would NEVER, for any reason, grant the CMI to this type of person, then I will take you at your word. But to say the opportunity does not exist, is not correct.

How do you know?
This is on public and could damage his business if not true.

John J. Hembling inspector (paste that into Google)

Fire and Water Damage Remediation and Restoration. Master Mold Inspector/Remediator though he could be doing inspections but guess you would need to look up Illinois licensing.

Again key words here.

You’re right Bob, CMI must be Certified Mold Inspector, he’s not a home inspector.



<h4>The name, Hembling, was not found**


Could the guy be so stupid he paid $1,000 thinking CMI was for mold?

Bob Elliott,
Are you calling this professional “stupid” on a public forum???:stuck_out_tongue:

No of course not and sure he must be a qualified Home Inspection professional.How else could he be a CMI ?

You guys are hilarious. :slight_smile:

You can be President of The United States without ever having held a job.

Or being born here :wink:

LOL. OK… that was funny.

I should clarify that you can only become President of The United States without having ever held a job or without anyone having ever heard of you before ONLY if you are a liberal asshole who thinks having a job is so 20th Century.

Same qualifications becoming a CMI.

Great to read more thread drift idiotic politics on the public posts.

I always come to the NACHI forum so I can get opinions on dirty liberals from the brightest minds of our time.
signed …Bill Mahr