Can I be a CMI without ever having performed an inspection?

Why? Because you’re a liberal asshole, Bob?


If you purchased a CMI logo you wouldn’t be home typing this post, you would be inspecting a skyscraper some place.

I already inspected one today, so no come backs about why I’m posting–:lol: :lol:

Dubya was President so obviously you don’t even have to be very smart either, with enough money you can even buy yourself an ivy league diploma.

Had no idea Scottsdale was full of skyscrapers Dale.:mrgreen:

What you laughing at Shorty?

Looks like Obama is stealing your lady (where is she leaning/):slight_smile:

Me either…:lol:

No I am not a liberal nor a retro minded Tea Bagger… are you an asshole?
Your patter sure makes it seem that way.:slight_smile:

Seeing as how you are a big time Lawyer I am surprised you do not read the forum rules about where to post FOX fiction and backwoods philosophy.

Everyone has an opinion and everyone has an asshole…lol.

We have President Bush’s transcripts. Why doesn’t Dopebama release his? I’ll tell you why. Because ASSHOLES like you are so preternaturally stupid - way too stupid to be a home inspector, I might add - that it would never even enter to your pea brain to wonder why he refuses to release his transcripts.

America is DOOMED if morons like you continue to make up a majority of the electorate.

Dude, you’re in denial. You’re a liberal ASSHOLE. If you don’t believe it, read your archive. You voted for Obama and you’ll vote for him again. You’re an anti-American draft-dodging liberal. Live with it.

Would you care to compare Bush to Kerry or Gore? good luck.

Why is it that **every **conservative on here has to resort to name calling?

Is it immaturity?

Is it the inability to have a grown up debate?

Is it a desperate attempt to re-live ones childhood?

Maybe there are a couple mature conservatives on the boards, I just think our paths haven’t crossed yet.

No. It’s because morons like you are so preternaturally stupid that anything less than a metaphorical slap upside the head - and you can look up “metaphorical” here - would be pointless.

Joe just calls them as he sees them.

Now about your stupid “W” statement.


Unfortunately your name calling of Bush is oh so typical.:roll::roll:

Where’s your logo?:mrgreen:

It must be 2 for one at the pub today lol

It is difficult to be a liberal draft dodger when there has been no draft after I turned 18 but why let facts get in the way of self rage and obsessiveness with liberal politics to blame all of life’s ills on “right Joe”?

We need no facts but we do need pseudo patriotism wrapped around our self tributes standing defiant to any change in lifestyles,demographics,or world economic shifts brought on by industries turning traitor to the American dream.

If companies are people, then those people that brought factories and labor jobs to foreign nations should be held accountable if still listed as USA.

The same lower and middle income people you despise so much for being liberal as a result of having no middle income employments are the direct creation of the Republican fantasy in which corporations stock must always be high no matter what and if foreign workers do it cheaper then no matter what take the profit.

Just toss out the American dream so suits can make more /doing less.I get it.

Hey who does not wish for that???
Go Elephants…:slight_smile:

To finish Joe you are thinking back to the old 60’s /70’s mentality of food stamps ,welfare, and unemployment cheats.

I do not see people living off handouts as financially happy at all.

Well I don’t know about others, but I had to look it up Joe. :mrgreen::wink:

Now that will be my word for today. :slight_smile: