Can I get a little love here please.

My new website went live on Thursday evening, I am asking that you please do me a favor, spend some time there reading and examining the site and give my some honest feedback.
I will gladly read all the comments and suggestions.
the site is
Looking forward to many of you visiting, spending some time there and giving me feedback.

Looks really good!! I like it!

Nice work Aubrey. Everything looks good. Nothing major just to point out that under your certifications page, in listing them you repeated your membership status in ESA twice. I like your layout and flow of information and ease in navigating your pages. Job well done. Much continued success to you!


I can’t find a way to email you from your website. I found your form, but like many consumers… I don’t do forms. You should put a live link to your email address at the top and bottom of your form for people like me.

I like the look Aubrey. It’s totally missing cities integrated into the home page and other pages for SEO though.

First things I want to see is
inspectors Name I could not find it
area of inspection I could not find it
Phone number It was there
and email . I could not find it

If they have to look hard for this info I expect most Purchasers are gone .

I know that both spellings are correct according to Webster’s, however I feel that ‘ageing’ is more appropriate than ‘aging’.

The latter makes me think of something not tasting good!

Mt thoughts, too…:slight_smile:

Nick, we deleted the new email address temporarily. We are having slight problem but that should be sorted out in the next day or so, and then we will put it back.

Just curious but never heard of having a problem with an email address before …what type issue ?

I was having a problem with it forwarding to my gmail account. I will get it all sorted out between my hosting co, go daddy and my gmail. It will take a day or two because I am busy. Meeting on site tomorrow with people to rake and scrub, remove 9 trees and bring clean fill dirt. Unbelievable that people are crying out for work and when you want them to bid, they never arrive. This is the 3rd company I am supposed to be meeting. We are picking up the permits tomorrow, the project is ready to proceed but just cant find anyone to do the site prep.

I agree 100 percent with Nick on that 1 I haven’t had a chance to check out the site yet I remember saying that wants about someone else’s site and I believe dom. Said something about forms working better than a link I’m not sure exactly what it was.

I personally can’t stand forms and almost always move on when I have to fill 1 out unless I have do not have another option and must deal with that company.

My piece of crap Lenovo laptop is not functioning yet again but as soon as I can get to the office I will check out your site from the the desktop computer in there 2 more months of. Physical therapy coming my way. Before I can walk without a boot and without crutches best case scenario lo

Thanks Mike.

Just checked it out all looks good and loads fast. All links work. What software did you use to do it?
The one thing I would add even though I think it is a bit of a pain in the a s s is the Call me Now button from internachi. I wish it could send a text to our mobile phone but you have to listen to it then write down the number.


Customers seem to like it.

I hate when they click it then call.

Looks great good luck.

This was developed using Joomla software.


Congratulations on your new website. I liked the color combination especially, the blue background banner. I’d like to add one suggestion though. The big certification images could be shifted below the text. Every time a user wants to read about you, he/she has to scroll down a lot.

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Thank you one and all for your input. I will be taking the comments with me to discuss wih the people who developed it for me.