Can I get an opinion?

This is a 1974 house, with the main disconnect outside. This is the interior panel. I’ve been staring at this, but can’t figure out why, other than my mind’s gone blank.
Any comments?

Unless there is a direct connection to a ground rod, the neutral and ground busses should be separated.

It is a fairly minor item.

Because this is not the service equipment, the grounds and neutrals must be separated. EGC’s must be bonded to the enclosure and neutrals isolated from it. . .

I was staring right at that and for the life of me, i couldn’t figure out why… I knew something was not right, but it was escaping me - it’s one of those days… Thanks.

Hi Andy for what it’s worth I also see a floating neutral, and 2 white conductors which should be remarked as “hot” (ungrounded conductors)



Thanks Gerry,
I did see the white “hot” conductors. This is a bank-owned home, in pretty rough shape - waste spill in the crawlspace, termites, bathroom and kitchen vents terminating in the attic, missing shingles, wood rotting, and on and on and…
I’ve labeled it to be evaluated by a licensed electrician.

Thanks for all the input.

While they are separating all the grounds and neutrals they need to also separate the neutrals; one lug, one wire, not doubled or tripled as is very often found to be the case.