Can I get certified for Radon testing on the site?

Can I get certified to do Radon testing through this site?

What kind of certification are you looking for? Does your state require certification? I’d start with them if that’s your goal.

Here’s the EPA guidelines that I go by in Oregon as we have no certification requirements: MAH_2019 Radon Measurement in Homes

I am on NJ and we do require a license. Thank you for your advice.

Not without becoming a member. And then it is questionable, as Matt noted.

not in Ohio …

AARST and EPA are two entirely separate organizations. The link you provided is AARST.

It came directly from the EPA website: Radon Standards of Practice | US EPA (5th down the list of Current Radon Standards of Practice)

It’s been a few years since I looked for the EPA standards and this looked to be what I remembered.