Can I legally accept pictures of repairs?

I’m not sure if this is the proper channel to be asking for this, but I’m trying to find out if I can legally accept pictures of repairs for a 4 point with a licensed contractors license number and written note saying it is fixed?

if not, can you please point me in the correct direction to get an answer

I am an inspector in the state of Florida.

“Legal” as pertaining to your question depends on if there is prescription in Florida law for that. Otherwise, are you willing to own those repairs based on photos and the word of a contractor that you do not know.


I accept them but it depends what it’s for and how clear the pics are to show the repairs. You have to use your judgement and determine what you are comfortable with. If you do accept them make sure you tell your clients the pics MUST be clear, show the exact area concerned and show it was properly repaired. Example… if a toilet wouldn’t flush or a sink leaked… I tell them to shoot a video of the repair and the item working properly. If it’s a simple double tap or bonded panel then a couple of pics and a pic of the receipt will usually do just fine. If it’s bigger issues, the pics aren’t clear of the repairman refused to take pics then I charge the fee to go back out. It’s a personal call for you.

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Like Robert said, it really depends.

Remember, if the underwriter wants a clean report, you are signing a revised (or new) 4 point. So it’s your name & license number on record.

Some times the repair photos and repair receipts can be sent to the agent or underwriter, and that may suffice. But nowadays, the will likely want a report showing no defects.

If you’re concerned, just go back and re-inspect the repair with new photos, invoices, etc.