Can I perform home inspection during my 2nd year of Phd on a F1 visa?

I’m an international Phd student. I want to be a home inspector to earn my living. Does anybody know someone else has similar situation ?

What State are you located in as it will play a part in the answer.

I don’t know someone else with a similar situation, but from all the foreigners I’ve worked with and hired in my previous career, student visas allow temporary work without limitation on what type of job.

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You can in Texas.

From Texas Administrative Code §535.208:

(b) General Requirements for Licensure.
(1) To be eligible for any inspector license, an applicant must:
(A) meet the following requirements at the time of the application:
(i) be 18 years of age;
(ii) be a citizen of the United States or a lawfully admitted alien;

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Shan, do you have any experience and/or education in building science or construction? What interests and skills do you have that have drawn you to start a career in home inspection?

As an F1 student, are you required to return to your home country as soon as you complete your PHD? Do you intend to finish your PHD?

If you have chosen your field of study wisely, the economic rewards can be huge if you stay in that field. Your earning potential could be much higher if you stick with what you already know. The skillset required for a home inspector includes technical proficiency with building standards as well as the ability to write reports clearly explaining the findings of your inspection.

I do not know anyone else in a similar situation.


I major in civil envineering and plan to stay in the state via EB2-niw. To finish Phd may not be my target.


Civil engineering will prepare you do be a super home inspector. There are a couple civil engineers who frequently contribute to this forum.

As a civil engineer you would be qualified to go beyond what a typical home inspector can offer. You can charge a lot of money to do structural consulting and foundation certifications in addition to your Standard home inspections.

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