Can I take the NHIE from PSI in another state than where I'm located?

I’m completing my final couple courses and was going to schedule the test for a few weeks out. Looking at the PSI exam centers every one for TN did have any available times until late July. However a center in GA has multiple times a day open as early as next week. If it comes down to waiting another 4-5 weeks I’d be willing to drive down there.

I tried calling PSI to ask if this is ok but after being on hold for 20 minutes it sent me to voicemail. So does anyone know if I can take the NHIE test to get licensed in TN at a testing facility in GA.


You should be asking whoever provides licensing in your state.

As Robert alluded to, many states have an additional state section added to the basic exam that requires passing. I would not assume that GA would have the TN version, or that TN will accept the GA version. Many will NOT.

That’s not the way it’s done. You have to test in the state issuing the license.

Dang, hopefully I can talk to someone as PSI and get something sooner. I’m hoping there is some issue with the system where not one testing center in the state has an opening before late July.

I may be off base in my thinking here but I guess I was thinking I already paid and registered for the TN test and they are electronically delivered the room you sat in to do it was kind of irrelevant. But alas, oh well I may just be waiting longer.

I’ll try can get ahold of the state and PSI again tomorrow.

I’ve been contacting PSI for a month to take an exam. Nobody answers the phone and after 17 minutes you are asked to leave a message and someone will call back. Never happened. Emails aren’t answered. Website can’t find credentials sent from the state to register online. This is PSI, I’ve had to use them in two states and it’s the same train wreck every time.

Oh yay… that’s the kind of stuff one loves hearing. I don’t know why but these testing companies seem to all shoot for who can do the worst job. The few I’ve come across though were all like that. Well hopefully I’ll get this figured out sometime.

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Well I figured I would post a (good) update for posterity.

I called and spoke with the TN state office this morning. The lady I spoke with works under William Best, who receives and works with issuing Home Inspector licenses for the the state. The answer he gave her (when asked while I was on hold) is Tennessee just uses the Nation Home Inspector Exam, so as long as that is passed and you can provide that documentation, where it was taken doesn’t matter. :smile:

In my case I’ll have to drive 4 hours to outside Atlanta but I’m able to schedule my test almost 5 weeks earlier, which for my circumstances is worth the drive. So YMMV so independently verify but sometimes it’s worth digging. :+1:

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Good on you for doing your ‘Due Diligence’!
Remember that lesson for EVERY business decision that you need to make going forward. Do not just take the word of ANYBODY on a Forum/MB, especially on Facebook!!
It is YOUR business and reputation at stake. You have everything to lose, whereas anyone else has absolutely nothing to lose by offering a wrong opinion!
Good luck going forward!

Thank you for the kind words, I couldn’t agree more.

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If all your state requires is the NHIE, then you can take the test at any test location because it’s a “national” test and not state specific. I’m from NJ and I took mine in PA.

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And this seems to be the case for TN, (apart from education and stuff like that).