Can one lose his/her inspection license if enough complaints are filed?

My home was inspected, I want to start on a positive note with those who read and reply, my home is 30y/o and yes it has problems and I’m fine accepting most of the report and the issues it points out.
But many of the reported items were marked as deficient with comments of not working… my problem with the report(and resulting requests to fix from the buyer) is that these items do not exist. IE: “Bathroom fan does not work”…because there is no fan in the bathroom.
What can be done about this inspector? I feel that he has 2 working eyes and can’t tell the difference between a light fixture and a fan, among other things reported, he should not be in this line of work.
Thank you for any positive and constructive feedback.

I suggest you read the report itself , is there a window in the bathroom ? if not it needs a fan
Are you going from the report or a list sent from the agent?

Do you work, have you ever made an error at work, did you get fired? It’s a good idea to have a fan in a bathroom even if there wasn’t one there before…

There is a complaint process available through TREC. I don’t know just how much credence they give to complaints from non-clients of the inspector. You would need to read through the complaint submission process to see if you have standing. If you have not already done so, I would urge you to read the actual report verbiage that was written by the inspector, don’t assume that any other source of what the inspector may or may not have said is accurate. TREC does have rules and penalties for inspectors who perform an inspection in a negligent or incompetent manner. Improper classification of “Not Present” vs “Defective” would likely fall under that rule.

If the report contains errors that have found their way into an amendment submitted by the prospective buyer, you may wish to review and respond to the inaccuracies in writing (e.g., you obviously cannot repair a bathroom fan that does not exist). But first, you should confirm that they are, in fact, errors in the inspector’s work product vs inaccuracies which were introduced through improper interpretation of the inspectors written findings or transcription into a contract amendment request.

So… Your looking to have a license taken away from a home inspector who wrote a report and perhaps misrepresented the condition of a bathroom fan? Seriously, “A bathroom fan”. Do you really think that’s right thing to do? Just respond to the request for repairs that those items either work or do not exist and move on. If the buyers walked away from the purchase, I’m sure it wasn’t over just a bathroom fan.

There are loony buyers out there folks!

I read and reread your post. You may have a valid complaint BUT the 1 example you gave was so frivolous and petty, most inspectors or real estate professionals will either laugh at you or dismiss you. Someone else posted a good response.

“Just respond to the request for repairs that those items either work or do not exist and move on”.

i.e. “Mr. Buyer, we can not repair the bathroom exhaust fan because we don’t have one”.

AND that’s assuming there was NOT a missing fan, JUST not one there.