Can/ or should detached garages be included in lineal footage calculations for roof

I do not THINK gable height matters in you case because it is a other than hip shape no matter how you look at it.

Robert mitigation is for the dwelling structure only. Detached structures do not have their own policy but are not covered on the dwelling portion of the coverage, and are covered under coverage B, other structures. There is no premium charge for other structures coverage and coverage only amounts to 10% of the dwelling coverage. That is why it is not calculated on wind mitigation forms.

Thank you all for your comments- I have resigned myself to the adjuster winning the battle on this part.

Great question, would like to hear any FAC or FAR regulation or qualification for this.
I’m going to start research on my own for this also.

I doubt any class would have ever addressed the question of not counting roof shapes of detached structures as it is absurd.

I mean really Mr. underwriter the form specifically states that the inspector is too ignore other shapes that are not structurally attached to the roof of the host structure.

Why would I include a roof shape that not only is not structurally attached but is completely detached. Hope I never get this guy for my personal home. My homes roof shape is Hip, but my I have a 72 foot by 48 foot barn with a gable roof:roll:

I’m pretty sure the original poster was trying to include the garage to better the perimeter numbers into a hip credit. The underwriter was most likely telling him otherwise…lol.

How many do you see where the garage has been converted to living space. Many of agents are quite happy not to include these.