Can posting get you sued?

Ok prove I typed it.

This was recently viewed someplace else…

Simple on this message board, every user can edit or delete his/her own posts.

Rules of evidence are different in civil court (more liberal) than criminal court. One need not prove, beyond a shadow of doubt, that it was you at your IP address typing the libelous statements.

At least for a limited time that is.:wink:

Exactly Jim, remember O.J. was found not guilty in criminal court but still owes millions from a wrongful death civil suit.

Someone could also copy it before you did that. My point, was their lawyers advisement.

Will someone please say something wrong… I could use 25 million. :slight_smile:

Nick may not be aware of the BB Limitation…

Watch for it soon:D :smiley:
The IP address will be from a library, or motel business computer, with the user using a fake ID for access:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Post should be required reading for All Members of the NACHI Ethics Committee…

It’s still legal to give your opinion in all 50 states. We have this funny Constitution thing. Opinions are sometimes unpopular. When opinions are given under the guise of stated fact, then you have some real issues to think about. I could say, for example, that I think Nick’s voice makes him sound gay in my opinion, but I would not go so far as to call him gay because I don’t know that for a fact. Just a for instance.

Why? We don’t intend to sue anyone for their posts.

We simply (and uncerimoniously) throw them out.:wink:



Did the developer NOT file for Bankruptcy in the 1980s?
If they did, I don’t understand why that was “the defamatory statement”.
Seems that a factual statement, regardless of how embarrassing or possibly harmful, shouldn’t be grounds for a lawsuit.

You screw up.
I print that you screwed up.
You sue me for defamation.

Do the politicians know this?:shock:

Surprised every newspaper doesn’t get sued daily.

If the bankruptcy is NOT factual, then I retract and disclaim everything posted above and Herby declare that it was not meant to defame, embarrass or slander anyone or anything. Anyone or anything would be defined as a real person, or their possessions, real and imagined, who could, for any reason whatsoever decide to take offense at my post and take legal action against me.

But only for a few days after the post has been made. After however many number of days it is set for, it stays permanently, unless one upsets certain members of the ESOP Committee, and then one’s life on this Message Board can be deleted. :frowning:

because of the risk of being sued.

Russel, as far as I know, one’s ability to edit or delete one’s own posts does not change over time.

It does, though. I don’t know how long one has, but after a certain amount of time has passed, one cannot edit or delete one’s posts. Previously, Chris stated that it was done that way so that disgruntled people couldn’t delete all their posts on the way out the door, leaving many threads virtually meaningless.