Can posting get you sued?

After a quick review of my past posts, the latest post that gives me the edit option is 2/29/08 anything before that seems to be locked in.
I don’t care either way, just an FYI.

But it does Nick. Go back to some of your post a few months old and you will see the edit button missing. I’m fine with that. Keeps people from changing history.

That is the way that it should be… When will the change be implemented?

You would say that JH as you so often exercise that ability. :roll:

Most people are fine with it.

Some, however, want to erase any trace of any position that may have taken on any issue so as not to ever be accused of having a spine.:wink:

So it appears Chris has it rigged so that one can post, cool off for a few days, reconsider, then edit or delete… but can’t just wipe out everything ever posted. Seems sensible. I’m sure that if a member wanted something particular removed after the edit/deletion period ended Chris could accomodate.

Who is We.

We is us.

’ I am you and you are me and we are all together, Ha Ha Ha, Ho Ho Ho

I am the egg man…koo koo ka choo


…would like to Know Who comprises the WE that you stated your comments are representative of…

Use your vivid imagination. It could be me and other members of the ESOP Committee…but then, it could be me and certain members of the Carter administration.

One thing is certain. It is a mysterious conspiracy that only you, Hagarty, can get to the bottom of. :D:D:D

Or in my case just pull the master switch and pull everything!


I only ask questions.
You Make Up the story lines…


He already confessed…’ I am the egg man…koo koo ka choo ’ :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: