can shakes and shingles go on the same roof- job

Had my roof patched fix he left 2-3 inch gaps in between the old and new ones plus he did not replace all of the missing ones.He put think ones pushing up old flat ones. can shakes and shingles go on the some roof? If I could send the pics of the job I would. can you use the same nails - staples in the same places or should you move them ?the staples on the top r where asking out all the way 2-3 out? Just need a nother opinions I never said I was a roofer but filling like there taking me for a long Rides 2,100 for the job one last thing should there be two workers when washing the roof one washing the other in the Carol space looking for leks. If I’m on the ring sit I am sorry been looking for two day’s with one person coming to look. Thank you for your time.

Please place some pictures on another site with a link to them for anyone here to assist you. I cannot understand what you are describing.