Can some one explain this to me

My question being that in the code of ethics i believe it says we cannot do any work at a clents home with in a year of inpection their home.
So how dooes Mike Holmes get around this?
Because its a Tv show? Pr is it he is not an actuL inspector?
I am just curious about this!

He does not belong to any association .

Not Nachi and does not have to follow any ridiculous rules to keep others from making the most they can off of clients who wish to hire them all because some fools actually think folks will do free or cheap home inspections trying to get work. F…ing ridiculous. Then have to bid against craiglisters on the stuff you allegedly found yeah right great plan.

Don’t confuse show business with home inspecting. He is in the entertainment business and has lots of sponsors. If he hoses something up, they will make it right. Every once in a while you may need to remind a client of this fact.

You mean like when he finished taping the show on how to build and install a fence .
I am told he walked of the job and left the rest of the fencing on the lawn for the home owner to finish it him self ???

Lol thanks guys some good answers!

I had not heard about that. I have not seen or watched him in years. I could usually only get thru about ten mins of his BS before I had to change the channel. My wife was watching it with me one time. After a few mins she make the remark, “this guy has a hero / savior complex” to which I added, “Yeah, and he is full of it too”.

I like you no longer watch .I saw too many errors .

I don’t even think our cable carries that show anymore. I have not even seen trailers of upcoming shows like I used to. Probably got replaced with yet another shopping channel.:roll:

He’s not doing a typical inspection related to a real estate transaction. He comes in after the homeowners realize that there are problems. This way he gets specific details about what is happening and can troubleshoot the problems. Sure you can call it an inspection, but his probing and thermal imaging is just verifying that the owner’s problems do exist. Because the homeowners want him to fix everything, he has the permission and ability to tear open anything he wants. As they say… hindsight is 20/20. Sure there are things that are pretty noticeable where the original inspector should have called out, but there are also things that would have been difficult to find without prior knowledge of the problematic symptoms. Difficult to find even for him and his crew.
Where he is an actual general contractor, it’s his wife who is the marketing genius behind him.


I think his inspection company might be the largest in Canada .

The genius isn’t his wife, it’s executive producer Michael Quast.

I thought it was his wife that originally got things rolling…


Nevermind…I must have been thinking of some other host’s wife.

At least he mentions on his website that the inspector you hire should be a member of one of three associations. One being Nachi.

I never knew that…good for him. Although he really only needs to refer one :wink:

I Like the little bobble head he has had made of himself, its in his product line up, says it all!

Who knew?