Can some one identify what is the defect is this?

Attic problem ?

Please how to upload the pictures?


go to advanced, click on “attach image” (it looks like an envelope), upload your pictures, then return to your message box and click on “Attachments”, it looks like a paper clip. You may need to resize your photos if they are too large to display.

Don’t feel bad James, I can’t do it either. ha. ha.

Re-size, how in hell do you do that?
What does it cost?
Then what?

See, you are not alone. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley:

Marcel, go here:

Then scroll down to IMAGE RESIZER and download that. When it is downloaded click START then MY PICTURES then find the picture you want to resize and right click on it. A box will open. Click on RESIZE PICTURES and choose the size you want (typically small to use here). It will make another picture like the one you chose only smaller size. You can also click one picture then hold down shift key and click another and all the pictures between the two will be highlighted so you can right click on one of them to resize and they will all have another smaller one made.

Try it, it’s easy. :wink:

Thanks Larry, but I am still running a dinosaur here with 2000 Professional.
It won’t let me use it.

Thanks anyway.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Here’s one that a client said was great.

You can click on system requirements and 2000 is there. Anyone have experience with it?

Edit to add link.

Try IrfanView … great little program, including single/batch pic resizing, and it’s FREE … :wink:


Thanks Robert, but which one do I download? There are about half a dozen choices.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

On the “Download” page they are all just various sites (hosts) to download the basic program file (IrfanView) or the add on accessories (IrfanView Plugins).

Here is one of the links to download the basic Irfanview (Version 3.99) …

You can resize a single pic once it’s open in IrfanView (pretty easy … “Resize/Resample” from the “Image” pull-down menu) , or do batch resizing from a directory (more involved, so see this tutorial …

Hope that helps … :wink:

Thanks for your help Robert, I will give it another try.

Thanks again.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi! Robert;
What’s going on, haven’t heard or talked to you for awhile. Somebody told me you retired and went to the islands. Boy some people have all the luck !!!

Come on Marcel!! Give us the pictures already!! LOL!!:wink:

Well, I got the darn thing downloaded and now after an hour and one half, it will take me another day to figure out how to get the goddarn picture where I want it and downsize it. Geeze, man, to many buttons to push, and I am not a button pusher. ha. ha.
Where the hell is my grandson, ha. ha.

Marcel :wink: :slight_smile:

I wish … maybe a few thousand more commercial inspections and design jobs, in addition to the HI teaching and p/t work with the family HVAC company, and I will be all set (and actually have more time to just relax) … :cool:

I love pushing buttons:mrgreen:

Is this what it is?

/Users/terry/Pictures/iPhoto Library/2005/04/17/attic mushroom farming.jpg