Can someone help this IL consumer regarding blue board insulation please?

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From: Pam Allison
Sent: Sunday, November 05, 2006 12:50 PM

I have a questions about the blue foam board.
I recently had a home built in O’Fallon, Illinois.
When my home was in construction I questioned the use of the board.
I didn’t like it because of security and strength to high winds.
*I was told by the builder Taylor/Morley of Missouri that the code *
stated that it was the minimum that could be used on homes.
*Since my questioning the product has not been used on any home in my *
area, I am in a new division.
*I was told by the foreman in my area that codes were changed since *
Is there anyone that can help me find the document that states the date
when the codes were changes in O’Fallon, Illinois/St Cair County.
Thank You so much for your time.
Pam Allison

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Try contacting this like, and I am sure someone will help.
Since the question is indirect to a specific, Code Enforcement for this area should be able to help.