Can someone help this Texas property investor?

On Tue, Apr 5, 2011 at 8:51 PM, Landon Rothstein <> wrote:

She must not know how to search very well since she sent me the same request.

recovery doesn’t work for all dope heads same address

they’ve been spammin’ for a while

I got the same letter (twice).

I got the letter up here. It’s a Long trip for me.:shock:

Got this same email a while back. got it again today. spam

This guy emld a while bach for a HI. Called & left vml but never got call back. Guess now I know why

The “Landon Rothstein” is back at it. Look out.



I have a house that I need to get inspected at 16730 Louis Lane, Porter, 77365.

A few quick questions:
How soon can you go out and inspect the houses?
Do you email a copy of the report?
How long will it take after that for me to get report?
Can you take pics and email them to me, not embedded in the .pdf report?
Do you have a Supra key? (not needed on this house)
Do you have any certifications?
Are you a member of any professional organizations like ASHI?
Are you registered with the BBB?
Can you tell me approximately how long you’ve been in business under your current business name and how many single family home inspections you’ve completed?
What tools/equipment do you use for the inspection?
How long will the inspection take?
Are you okay with me meeting you there during the inspection?
Do you have an E & O policy?
Do you have any guarantees?
Do you have any references?

How much will it cost for each inspection? (there’s no pool, no hot tub and I don’t think there are sprinklers)
Do you accept credit cards?

Ana Venegas
A-A Properties, LLC
4141 N. Fwy
Ste 307C
Houston, TX 77022

Chris Kasse 866-680-3788