Can someone help? We have 180 coming to Ft. Lauderdale. I would like...

… someone to take a few PICs of the crowd (180 attendees is bigger than the other mini-association’s annual conventions).

Ben might also need help passing out literature and setting up. So if you show up early, please help Ben.

Can you leave word there “TO GET ME IN WITH NO HASSLES OR HAVING TO REGISTER” and post the address and time here and I’ll gladly take care of it just cause I love ya man :slight_smile: Remember you can always call me for anything you need in my neck of the woods.

I will give you more photos than you need or can use and even sign autographs :smiley:

I got the time just post the address for my gps and tell me you want me to do it and I can just show up and walk in and it is done. I need the cert to or whatever says we took the course :slight_smile:

Nick I am going to try and make it…sorry, wish I could be more sure. But if I am there and Ben needs anything I will be more than glad to help

sorry im gonna miss this one. need to shoot over to costa rica real quick to catch some waves. Any way to get info on this roof inspection gig otherwise?

F-you :smiley:

OK, I admit it I am Jealous.

Hows the new little one?

Isn’t this a chapter event…I’m sure they will have you covered.

Nick I’m going would be glad to take some photos! I’ll take them and if you need them e-mail me at I would be glad to send them to you. Fred

Pilar and I should be there. We (she) can help with anything you need! Just send her an email

Of course I’ll help in any way.

Let me know if you need help prior to the event. :slight_smile:

If you show up a bit early, help him out. Lots of stuff has to get handed out at this event.

Help passing stuff out would be great. No big deal.

There’s no registration or check-in table.

Everybody is just going to come in, sit down and have some fun.

Cool so we do not even need to register online or anything? I just realized it is on the beach :slight_smile:

Yes. Of course you need to register.
This thread is about helping out at the event.

People need to register to attend the event.
Once they come to the event, they just can walk right in (because they already registered). No need to do it twice.

But register.

And you can help out if you want. Don’t have to. Just register.

Looks like I am going to make it after all…should be good.

193 registered. We should have upwards of 240 inspectors in attendance. Get me some PICs folks.

You want pics? Get your azz down here and take them yourself! :wink:

204 registrations. That should put us over 250 attendees.

212 registered.

I’ll be more than happy to help set up if you need a hand.
I can be there around 5ish, just let me know.