Can someone provide the right answer?

You my prof. just grades the work without letting us know the right answer. Can somebody provide the right answer for me so i know and learn. you are inspecting a bungalow built in the 1950s.

  1. The basement walls are visible in Photo 4.
  2. On the main floor, there are 3" diameter holes drilled into the plaster, seen in Photos 2 and 3.
  3. You look into the attic space from the access hatch and see the insulation in Photo 1.

Write a report conforming to section 11 of the Standards of Practice, including visible defects, any implications and recommendations for improvements. Identify which improvements would be considered discretionary versus being a priority

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sorry about that these are the pics thanks


sorry about that

Yes we can see the fact that you are in fact “sorry”.

How about I take your whole damn course for you?!

Hmm you never made a offer to me David Lets see what do i need. can i get to you ? David lol

Home inspection exams should all be proctored for obvious reasons!

M-A-R-C-E-L!!!..that could get you booted off these boards.


Who helped Sarkis pass the Nachi exam?

Take it enough times for free and odds are…eventually the right combination comes up…Voila…a pass!!

If Sarkis ever becomes a home inspector it’s good to know that Google will find all his posts. :wink:

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It doesn’t sound like an exam question if you ask me. Sounds more like a homework assignment, one I would also be unable to complete given the information that was given.

My recommendation is to find a new professor. One that reveals the correct answer so that you can learn. Home inspector exams (especially closed-book, proctored ones) teach nothing.

Also, demand that your tuition be refunded.

We need to know more about this guy before we spend hours indulging him.
To humor you the place is undergoing some DIY remodeling work.
New improper vinyl dryer hose leading in to the crawl space adding humidity and possible mold growth along with creating a fire hazard from heat and lint build up with that Home Depot P.O.C.
The Homeowner also went out and bought a hole saw drill bit to add insulation while looking to upgrade further by removing the old trim around the inside windows…
Have no idea what is inside the walls as far as the sheathing goes or if this is a brick home.
OK took another look and this must be a brick home so he may be creating a mold trap between the brick and plaster.

Bob Elliot attempts the homework assignment:


Excuse me?
Oh I see where you are going, though the picture is hard to see he may be blowing the mineral wool or what ever it i9s into the crawl space.

Bob, You’re attempt at his homework assignment failed, miserably.


I would have to think that every question he has asked could be Answered on one of your online courses, it seems to me he might be trying to learn but the horse hasn’t found the water yet.

I hope that is his problem anyway.