Can someone provide the right answer?

my prof. just grades the work without letting us know the right answer. Can somebody provide the right answer for me so i know and learn
You are inspecting a ten-year old home.

  1. While inspecting the furnace, you notice the wet area shown in Photo 1.
  2. Tracing the wet area leads you to the exterior wall on Photo 2.
  3. The dark areas seen in Photo 3 are also wet, and a close-up of the patched area can be seen in Photo 4.
  4. You go back outside to view this area, but this section of the foundation wall is facing a neighboring yard, and access is blocked by a tall fence. You knock on the door to find out if you can access this area, but nobody is home. This is an afternoon inspection, and it was raining this morning. What will you report to your client? Include descriptions, observations, implications, limitations, and recommendations.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Sarkis your pictures did not upload.

Reading your description you have water intrusion through the foundation wall and you should recommend a foundation contractor inspect it .
I also surmise that you should report seeing past repairs and report on the method used for patching in the repair.
Just describe what you see and then recommend action based on your observations.

Your pictures did not load.

sorry about that these are the pics thanks

Reading your question (and other threads) I can see that you do not belong anywhere near here…

Enough said…

Home inspection exams should all be proctored for obvious reasons!

Home inspection exams (especially closed-book, proctored ones) teach NOTHING.

Your professor should be providing what he believes to be a proper narrative describing this problem. I suspect your professor doesn’t have one.

Fire your professor, for the same reason a client should fire a home inspector for noting a defect without being able to explain why its a defect. Demand a full refund of your tuition.

I agree one point being it is just as important to know where to find the information. An example would be NO one knows the entire code books by memory.

Agreed. For example: my ICC exams were all open-book and my ICC course instructors all gave the correct answers to my home work assignments so that I could learn.

You may TRY looking at books or what ever means-sources available to FIND the Answers yourself, having someone tell you the Answer will NOT help you, nor should anyone give him an answer.

You should post a question like this and say “PLEASE don’t answer this Question”…!!!

I’m going to find the answer MYSELF and Post it for all to see…!!!

If I’m WRONG, please critique me…!!!


Helping him with the answer is exactly what his professor should be doing.


Fire your professor. Demand a full refund of your tuition.

This guy, Sarkis, is not for real, can’t you see it.

It is Ben .G…:slight_smile:
I can tell from the low amount of photo use education.(hahaha!)

i dont know if i have to post this in all the threads but im going to anyways. I apologize for causing such a commotion over a couple of Questions i wanted to know the correct answer for. As you can tell exams are coming up and i want to study for obvious reasons. I will vaguely describe my scenario as i do not want to cause any more commotion. I study at a college in Ontario and my proffs run in class and online courses and mostly everything is through the computer and its quite an annoying and lengthy process,so i thought i would just post them. These are a couple of cases we had to complete earlier in the semester they are not tests or exams as you can see the detailed Questions and pics. I thank Those that took their time and read my posts and i also thank those that actually tried to help me out with my studies. A special thanks goes out to those who decided to try and humiliate me cause they are so cool that they know the answer and they dont want to tell me .WOW i m heartbroken…LOL. Relax dont get all worked up i only asked couple of questions not anything else… (insulting, personal,rude…) BTW i didnt join NACHI because i wanted business i joined so i could further my education and be a better and sure of alot nicer inspector than you(s). There is too much drama and alot of unlayed ppl in here so to clear the air this will be my last post.
Good Luck and Good Health to all my new fellow members. Nick thanks for the support.
p.s. sorry i cant do anything about the getting layed part lol.
oh yeah i forgot it says 24 hr online support from engineers


Say that enough times and some may believe you.

From what I remember of my earlier days, an Exam was never a teaching tool but was to test your knowledge retention of what had been taught or self-taught.

An exam will, at best, teach you what you didn’t know.

Do you believe we should have unproctored, online exams for our mechanics, doctors, dentists, lawyers , etc…and then list them as “Featured” in their chosen online profession? No…you don’t have to answer that as I believe we already know your answer or spin!

Sarkis, it appears you have 2 hurdles:

The first is that you have a professor who gives you hypothetical questions and then won’t answer them himself.

I’d fire this professor.

We have the same issue with a school in New York (where our members must attend to get their CE as NY still doesn’t accept online CE). The professor just fails everyone who submits certain homework assignments, but won’t explain why.

Your second problem appears (to me at least) that English might not be your first language. I don’t own this product (or I’d send it to you for free), but I recommend it in your case:

Don’t fire him, quit!

You don’t belong there. I have been to a few courses in collage where it was quite obvious that “I should not be here yet”.

If I made you wet your pants by telling you how it is, than so be it. I have no problem helping out those that need help. You Sir, do not need help. It is beyond that.

Just because I know the answer does not mean I am required to “coddle” you.


You can start by filling out your profile (if you dare).
Some here are much more receptive to those that “follow the process”.

Seeing you got the focus of the man-in-charge, I guess I should address him.

Nick, where did this guy come from?
He should fire his trainer?
He can’t come close to these answers and you let him in the door?
Now you want him to fire his professor!?
Then what? Try to play “catch-up” at “World INACHI”!?

The idiot will be sued out of existence in his first 6 months!

This is the world of the internet. There is information everywhere.

No, I’ll just go ask those INACHI guys and get the answer…

This moron did not show in the least case that he was not provided with the text (that would spell out the answer to the situation). but you want him fired?!

I bet he’s out there right now drinking Canadian and chasing women of the night because he can’t figure anything out for himself. “I’ll just pay this chick to tell me what I want to know about my sorry ***”!..

You can learn a lot more here than from your crap prof.

Demand your money back too.

Yea, then go to Burger King… You now know about heat transfer!

don’t sugar coat it Dave…tell us how You really feel…:wink: