Can someone tell me what is wrong with this picture. Can you cite a code?

A Pool Filter Needs to be on it’s own gfi breaker

  1. The gfci outlet there is missing the cover.
  2. The conduit appears to have 90 deg. fittings that are not rated for electrical use. (white vs gray)
  3. Trip hazard on the sidewalk.
  4. Conduit is not properly secured.
  5. Recommend electrician correct the installation and check the pool for other improper practices.


Not really needed but…

2 (b) …and even if they were allowed the unprotected PVC elbows will deteriorate in sunlight and become brittle.

Yea you posted it!

Not to mention subject to physical damage (across sidewalk).

The title of this thread says, “Can you cite a code?”

No one is citing a code yet. Where are all the code citers? Out with the apple ciders?

The title of this thread says, “Can you cite a code?”

No one has done that.
Where are all the code citers? Out with the apple ciders?

Bruce is on the right track with the multiple errors on this.

Duh, trip hazard?

Here’s a couple.

406.8 Receptacles in Damp or Wet Locations.
(A) Damp Locations. A receptacle installed outdoors in a location protected from the weather or in other damp locations shall have an enclosure for the receptacle that is weatherproof when the receptacle is covered (attachment plug cap not inserted and receptacle covers closed).

An installation suitable for wet locations shall also be considered suitable for damp locations.

(B) Wet Locations.
(1) 15- and 20-Ampere Outdoor Receptacles. 15- and 20-ampere, 125- and 250-volt receptacles installed outdoors in a wet location shall have an enclosure that is weatherproof whether or not the attachment plug cap is inserted.

352.6 Listing Requirements.
RNC, factory elbows, and associated fittings shall be listed.

352.12 Uses Not Permitted.
© Physical Damage. Where subject to physical damage unless identified for such use.

On the rare chance if I do CITE code I will get rapped accross the coals by some California HillBilly…I take the 5th…:slight_smile:

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I know you won’t like the answer but I could not get my AHJ (Lee County Fla) to tag a RNC running across a sidewalk in a very similar installation. They said it was OK. The elbows and lack of “in use” cover are still clear violations.

can’t tell by the pic, but it also needs to be a minimum of 5 feet from the water

And I thought you were up to a challenge. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jeff wins.

In a case such as this why even mention code? It is by its very set-up against code. Although I have seen much worse! :slight_smile:

nope…with all the whining…I am all Challenged out…:slight_smile:

I agree with Bruce!!!