Can someone tell me...

where the hell did that Home Inspector Web site NACHI go to?

It is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Vendor Inc., a for profit website that advertises to the home inspection industry. You can purchase tools, websites, software, marketing plans, education classes and all sorts of goodies while at the same time being slammed with political rancor, religious doctrine and clean / dirty jokes.

PS. Don’t forget to be the “Last one to respond”. :mrgreen:

Its now the poltical site of the world wide web, probably because there are so many votes up for grab of those who read the board. hahha

All this and more for less than a bottle of beer. :sarcasm:

For home inspection related topics you might have to pay more. :shock:

Hey David I was thinking about the same thing… Could be time for the “Thread Ignore” feature;)

Cool your jets, the election will be over in a few weeks, I’m sure the political crap will die down once Obama wins, then we can go back to normal attacking each other over the lack of electrical knowledge & arguing about how many angels can dance on a GFI. :mrgreen:


You guys have way too much time on your hands.

:smiley: Now that was funny JB…

Stick around here long enough and you guys will see this happens every election year…Get used to it.

Yea, it needs it’s own section!

The crap is spread all over the place.
Well, except maybe for the thermal imaging section!

So let’s spread the crap in there too!

Has anybody looked at Obama/McCain square in the face with a thermal imaging camera?

Check this out;