Can’t see service entrance conductors

Practicing training on electrical and was looking at this panel at a friend’s house. I couldn’t see the SECs coming into the main panel and wondering if I’m missing something. I’m used to seeing them attached to lugs by the main breaker. Can anyone help me out and explain this situation to me? And how you would disclaim if unable to verify SEC type.

This panel is directly below the meter box and the service drop goes straight down through conduit into the meter box.

Looks like in this case no cables, it is metal connectors.

That’s an all in one meter and panel combo so the conductors feeding the main CB are bus. You should be able to see the conductor size where they exit the service raceway at the service drop.

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Robert is correct. In this picture, the arrows point to the actual conductors.

Thanks for your help y’all. I was unaware of this type of SEC type… So, I don’t need to worry about “proper” sized wires? Any tips for inspecting this type of service entrance?

Everything else from where the service conductors enter the meter enclosure back to the property line are still fair game. (e.g., if the service drop is missing a drip loop or is poorly fastened to the structure, too close to an operable window, too low to the ground, etc.) You get the idea.

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As Robert said…^^^^^^^^^^