Can the location of the neutrals cause overheating at the buss bar

The panel is a split buss type, but the neutrals go through the middle of it. (first photo)
Can this cause overheating at the buss bar?
(I know that the connection at the buss bar is incorrect)


Looks like that panel is about maxed out… time for an upgrade

I always warn my clients about those cloth covered conductors.

Peter did you take a temp reading of the buss bar that has you worried?
I do not like the way it looks either as they also can get in the way of the breakers.

Quite a mix of types there by the way.

(tin coated copper)

No wiring should cross over the buss bars, unless the panel is designed to allow so.

What do you say about the cloth covered conductors?

I let them know exactly what I know.

The old cloth covered wires are very old and I recommend they be upgraded at some point.

When being disturbed the covering is often brittle and falls off during normal work, such as changing outlets,light fixtures,switches,etc.

When the brittle covering comes off ,it is often corrected with electrical tape that does not hold and shorting out of the wiring is a common event.

This can be a real safety concern.

Unlike Knob and tube wire it is not planned to be uncovered.