Can this be the future of inspection testing?

Testing of radon, mold, chemicals right on the spot via your cell phone?

Sounds great. I will check the link latter.

Sounds great, but the article discusses carbon monoxide, methane and hydrogen cyanide (and possibly chemical warfare agents; WMD’s)
We already have detectors designed to locate or identify these substances. These detectors have to be regularly calibrated and tested (and maintained).
I doubt these cell phone/iphone style detectors would be tested, calibrated or maintained on a regular basis.
Also I don’t think a chain of custody or documentation would be part of the phone’s service (radon, mold testing or other environmental concerns as related to an Inspection Report).
I’ve used a vast array of hazmat and WMD detectors (4 gas, PID’s, Dragar tubes, etc); I don’t think a plug in phone chip will or can replace these detectors.
More importantly, I don’t think radon, mold, etc testing should be part of a standard home inspection.

only in your neck of the woods!