Can you give a real estate agent a holiday gift?


The BEST gift that you can give this is a “TOP NOTCH” Professional inspection that is conducted to the NACHI S.O.P! :stuck_out_tongue:

So lets be clear on this gift giving thing so new guys are not confused by it -

My new marketing program for 2008 is called "Dan’s Preferred Realtor Program"

Every Realtor that pays me $4,500 a year and refers me 15 or more jobs a year is on my “Preferred Realtor List”. That means I’ll give them short, skimpy reports and be in and out of the average 5,000 sf house within 45 minutes. I’ll charge $150 more than other inspectors for my 3 page Premium Report. Its done in pencil so if the agent doesn’t like what I’ve said they can change it.

My program is not a gift, its pure bribery - so I think that makes it OK.

Sound good to me…:roll: :roll: :roll:

Yes, that’s okay…I checked with some Realtors and they said it would be fine as long as you call it what it is.

But, man Dan, you must really have a lot of “boiler plate” disclaimers in your report if it fills 3 pages.

Absolutly DAN,
Bribe them all!!! And please advise them to send all the gifts to me! Not just right now, but all year round please… and thanks.:mrgreen:

I guess that means I don’t have to buy my wife a Christmas Present. That’s good because I was really up the creek about what to get her.


I just had a knock at the door. Four used house salesmen asking my if my name was “Jim Bushart”. They gave me a package they called a “Christmas present”, made me promise not to open it until Christmas, then sped away in a car with no license plates.

From the sound of the package, it must be a very large and expensive watch.

Would it be ethical for me to keep it?

Of course not - take it to the local Board of Realestator Office and donate it to needy agents at this time of year.

Yo, ho, ho!!!

Only if the realtors bury the package in a bathroom wall and you discover it 75 years later, then pocket it, then it’s ethical. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only if you report the drugs. :wink:

Jim - What is that tick / tock noise coming out of the box???