Can you guess what I have in common with Robert Plant and Elton John?

He’s the one with the pink snowmobile. :smiley:

I’m just glad I didn’t embarrass myself when he told me his name by something stupid like “Robert Plant, like the singer from Zepplin” :roll:

Brian Nevin, the Drummer for Big Head Tod and the Monsters lives right down ridge road from you.

As does the manager for Chicago.

And the bassist for String Cheese Incident is my next door neighbor.

omg I almost spit my coffee across the room! ROFLMAO!!!:twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:

So, anyone cool from the “younger” crowd live near you? :wink:

I probably just ruined my invite out to the ranch. :wink:

Is that the same shirt you was wearing when I meet you last week. Sure looks like it.

Also Nick do not let Will get you down. Coming out was very brave of you!!


Hi Carl,

Yes it is but I won’t be wearing it around you again anytime soon, you wouldn’t leave my chest toupe alone you sicko :wink:

I figured it was that all three sing three octaves higher than the average male. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

lolllling. I thought it was funny costumes and glasses.

I thought it was the hair. :wink:

this thread is cracking me up!
and Will, your avatar looks like an inmate
shot with that orange on!

Why thank you, Carla. That is the look I was going for :cool: .

I have been asked, so many times, why I chose Orange for my company colors, I have made up a few jokes for answers.

  • If I die in a crawlspace, they can find me easier.
  • Hey, I’m color blind.
  • Whatta ya want, a good inspection of fashion sense?
  • It scares away the rats in attics.
  • It hughlights my blodshot eyes.
    *]I am the most visable home inspector in the area.
    If anyone can think up some more, have at it :mrgreen: .

I was only trying to see what you would look like if you had some hair on your head.

  • I’m always ready for deer hunting season.
  • I also add a green hat to my ensemble for Halloween
  • I had my colors done and they told me I was a “Fall”
  • I want anyone aiming at me to have a good target, I don’t want to suffer.
  • I want to look like the biggest pumpkin in the patch.
  • I heard orange and black were coming back in style.
  • Orange? I thought it was Red.
  • It matches one of the idiot lights on my dash display.
    *]Hey haven’t you heard of “William of Orange”?

Man this thread is a hoot to read…:stuck_out_tongue:

I know you all wear a toupe. After all, Nick that hair of yours cannot be real

I just love that last one. I ran into real problems on St. Patrick’s day.

May I steal these. I like to have a few in reserve for the clients.

Seriously, I find that being 6’8" tall and having a deep voice, I must do some self deprication or there is a tendency to ‘over power’ the clients. I want them to feel comfortable with me and come to trust me. The orange shirt helps. When I talk to the clients, I tell them, “Look for the tall, dorky looking guy with glasses in the orange shirt.” When I finally meet them, they recognize me immediately.

Go figure. :mrgreen:

Hey, if you can’t have fun at this job, it just ain’t worth it.

Be my guest. Of course when I wear my orange shirt(yes I have one) I may also need to use them. :smiley: