Can you guess what these are? Guess correctly and win a bunch of prizes!

First one to guess correctly gets a bunch of prizes from

Post as many guesses as you like.

Bat houses

And the models are not just pretty faces…

Dayna is one of InterNACHI’s paralegals. She authored

Erika works in the field for my construction company.

Bear deterent camouflage garbage cans.

Camo Bat houses, held up by pretty girls…:stuck_out_tongue:

Displaying camo pattern bat houses.

Some type of feeding bin.

Bat Houses

That’s where Burkeson keeps his batsh!t crazy politians.

Soon to follow, new article on inspecting bat houses?

Vent covers for ventilation in a hunting shack.

Car ramps

Cover to board up windows

I’m out of ideas now.

Michael Larson won. Shipping you a big box Michael, congrats!

Thanks Nick.

Why are they painted in camo?

They are also the biggest ones I’ve seen.

Nah i will not go there lol

Did Michael also become a Certifeid Bat House Inspector?? CBHI, pat pending…

My wife said: “I think they’re bat houses.” I said: “Some one quessed that already and he didn’t win so that’s not it.” I guess he did win. Congratulations.

Them gals don’t have proper PPE to be in that shop!!

Now let me see…

I think there was something else I was supposed to look at in those pictures!!!???

Safety first! :wink:

Not true!!!

If them gals got it–it’s proper!

That clothing is way too loose. Might get caught in the drill press!!!