Can you guess what these are? Guess correctly and win a bunch of prizes!

Only you would notice the drill press! :mrgreen:

Roof vent covers.

So that they blend in with the trees.

Camo bat house for the woods

my guess would be “bee hives”

Super large and camo painted BAT Houses!

Fred Mitchell
Mitchell Inspection Services
Roanoke, Texas

Anti-bear, anti-squirrel, giant bird feeders.

Thanks for the idea.

Bat houses

Dayna and Erika are holding Honey Bee hives.

Thanks for the Case of books Nick.

My clients love these.

You’re welcome!

Hi Nick, they are batt houses

Kelly Bernard

Permeable-front, high-density bullet traps that allow FMJ rounds to be recovered, re-swaged, and reloaded. Judging from the depth, I’d say these are only effective with centerfire ammo up to 1400 FPS MV.

Butterfly houses

Bat coops

Bat houses

:roll::roll: /face smack

;-)LMFAO Better late than never. I say Mr. Meeker should get the prizes. Maybe a calander and some appt books?