Can you guess what this is?

I saw this last week and thought it would be interesting to see how many know what it is:

P.S. The middle board is on rollers.


How about Ricky Bobby’s state of the art, open air, down the hill, quick change, lube station


Man! I was hoping to stump a few with this one. That is exactly what it is. More often seen in hill billy regions.

This one was located in southeastern Ohio.

Agreed, or someone is practicing for auditions for the next “Dukes of Hazard” film.




BTW, whenever I see a setup like that where someone has been using the home for vehicle repairs I always have a good look around for signs of illegal oil dumping on the property.

One property I inspected several years ago in NH, was being sold by a father and son race team, who had (for 20 years) been dumping all their waste oils and those of their friends on the edge of the property.

I am told that it cost over $20,000 to decontaminate the ground, and that they were very fortunate not to have poluted the local water sourses.



My guess is it si a very small picture with a big white back ground.

Are you serious?

I thought it was the beginning of a bridge of yeonder holler.


This has got to be from Appalacia…???

That is what I call “inspected once inspected right”

A true inspector

Hey Jim, What are you doing in my neighbors back yard taking pictures of our NASCAR service rack…:lol: </IMG>

I knew I was in rural area when I saw the gun tagets set up at the end of the driveway.

I knew I was in rural area when I saw the gun targets set up at the end of the driveway.


Had some of them in Northern Maine, except they were bigger to accept 4000-6000 # vehicles.
Ground used to be covered with oil spills and the river brook was only 100 feet away. Amazing, the furthest thing from our minds back then, heck my father and I used to pour waste oil around sonotubes to prevent the frost from heaving them. There were all kinds of good uses, but now they are all illegal.
Not fun anymore. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You liked Daisy Duke Correct;
At least I hope so !!!:stuck_out_tongue:

My Dad (now in Heaven) had one just like it. I still use it. Laugh if you want, but changing your own oil used to be be very common. Now, most folks don’t know how to put air in a tire.

Don’t knock it.
It’s that lack of knowledge that increases our business.\:D/

Yes I believe that is a side swivel bavel shaft modulator unit.