Can you guess who these 3 are? One is a member of NACHI.

Jeeze 15 views and nobody knows who the guy on the right is :roll:

This is Crazy. hint hint.

no clue?

It’s either Steven Tyler or Gerry Beaumont, I’m not sure.

Bill… then I guess there is no sense in me posting PICs of Mike Tyson and me then, huh?

Michael, correct!

NACHI member/PRO-LAB Pres Jamie McDonnell in the middle.

Hmmm already been there… Seen em, met em… But they are cool… they still put on a rocking show. Just saw em here in Baltimore. Now if I could meet his daughter that would be different…

Could that be?


That much I knew.

I guess the others are Mick & Keith . . . ??

Steve Tyler

The one in the middle looks stoned!

(just kidding James)

Hell I don’t know whether to be flattered or insulted :mrgreen:

(they all have much more hair than I do ;-))



On my server the photo didn’t post, that is why I had not a clue- I know the center gentlemen and the others are famous- Now that I am at the office I can see the picture-

Great photo-

Bill- (now that I can see it- my computer didn’t, for some strange reason load it last night on the laptop)

Gerry- more hair than I have as well- however consider it a compliment- famous, and mentioned-

Dude [on right] looks like a lady!

That’s no lady–that’s my wife!!

Crazy. Could be several posters on here.

Yes, but when the offspring looks like this, who cares?