Can you identify these missing parts?

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3422S9thSreet 118.jpg

One part looks like the gas control valve that was on a recall.

The other is the outside burner door cover. Looks like the plastic has melted.

Is the tank leaking at the bottom or the foundation leaking at the wall orboth?

Dave, you never cease to amaze me with your brilliance! lol :wink:

I’ve inspected many of these valves for leakage and believe it or not, this one didn’t leak. There are a couple of different posts that cover this recalled control valve. But the union was significantly leaking but we don’t have smell-a-post yet. :wink:

The foundation is leaking. Much better than is was the last time I inspected this home 3 yrs ago. Gutters and grading do make a big difference!

So it leaks better now? lol :twisted: #-o:|__)