Can you pigtail from main breaker to distribution panel?

There is a 100 amp main breaker and 2 additional distribution panels were added in the house. They were pigtailed at the main 100amp breaker. My concern is that there is no over current device for the distribution panel. Is the main 100 amp considered the over current device for both distribution panels?

Can you post a picture? There are tap rules that may apply.

That depends on where the tap is, in relation to the breaker - i.e. line-side or load-side.

As Jim suggested, a picture would help.

Basically if it is a sub then main breaker is not required.
Jeff is being cautious that it might be tapped before the main.

At least that is how I see what he means.

I figured a picture would help, but this is my first post and I didn’t know how to add a picture. I’m trying to figure it out…

The tap is on the load side of the 100 amp main breaker in the main panel. It’s then spliced into 2 other panels without any breakers upstream of the panel. I know that newer main panels have extra spaces for breakers to run additional auxiliary panels. I see pigtailing a lot with older panels without any extra space I just don’t know if it needs the breakers?

More details are needed to answer the question. As mentioned some photo’s would help. If the connection is after the 100 amp main then Article 240 tap rules would apply, if before the main then they would not apply since the tap rules are for feeder taps. The conductors on the line side of the main are service entrance conductors not feeders.