Can you say structural engineer please?

I was nervous even being under this house.






what is the problem , Getting soft in your old age. Termites need food too.

See anything off about the porch? :shock:


If you tilt your head and squint real hard…
Nah still doesn’t line up

Hope that wasn’t my house in Greenlake, I really need to sell that sucker before the next earth quake! Your pictures look familiar!!!

There is nothing wrong with the porch, the house is just out of level.

Nope, Tacoma, off 38th.

LOL. By looking at the reveal of the siding, I’d say the porch is out of level almost 5 inches.

That’s an easy fix, jack up the house and install shims!
Done deal!!

Did you happen to see the first pics? I wouldn’t be jacking anything up before addressing the other structural issues.

Or… Lower the other side till its level? :smiley:

Nice find. Is this listed as a fixer-upper?

Actually the jacking caused the earth to slightly tilt off its axis; recommend that jacks be removed for corrective action. lol