Can you see air

No but you sure can see the results of it. This image was taken in a house that had been vacant and winterized for two years. This image was taken about one hour after I started the furnace, the interior temp of the house was initally below 50 degrees. I only post this image is to give an example to the Newbies to IR as things that they should be pointing their cameras at. I have said it before when I first started out my camera was just an extension of my arm I imaged everything the camera even went to Mc Donalds with me :wink:

Why am I cold and have a $600 utility bill?

Either your standing out side in the cold or your electrical furnace is not operating as intended its not shutting off 24/7:p

Looks like your helper needs to quite being so lazy!! LOL.
Nice image David. How old is the house?

6 mo.

T-stat just to the right of the picture…

Why would it shut off?

2nd floor air (top left) cascading diagonally down the wall to replace the excessive hot air being sucked out of the adjacent room by the return in the ceiling.

Upper level hot air flowing up and out of the room…

Will never make it to the floor level…

“Forced - Natural convection?!”

Great pictures Dave.

Evidence of poor air flow/distribution. I emailed the buyer a week later who said the “hvac guy can’t figure it out”.




Ooh Ooh me next. me next…
could you imagine how these people felt everyday. Honey, I thought you turned the thermostat up???

thermostat read 80 deg and the house was about 67


Great images everyone.
David what camera are you using.
Same question to you Charley.
To the both of you, are you using the manufactures software?

T-400. Charley is using the same camera but mine was “flashed” into a T-400 during a repair job (like in that other thread).

Yup, Flir Software.

Sean - I like that one!

Charlie, I see warm air at the top of the room and it’s cooler at the bottom. Everyone knows warm air rises and a house that’s been at 50 degrees would take time to even out in temperature IMO. What am I missing in regard to your image?

What is the reason David? Do they need a ceiling fan to circulate the heat? Seriously, what is the reason for the drastic uneven heat dist? My simple mind says they have supply ducts and returns in the ceiling and need a ceiling van or return relocation. What did you advise?

Nice defect Sean.

Yes, the supply and return are in the ceilings.
Also the 2nd floor is open above. One HVAC unit/2 floors (no zoning control).

A ceiling fan is not a “fix”.
Moving the air at the ceiling with a fan increases losses at an even higher rate.
You can not treat air that can not make it to the HVAC.
You can not properly condition a building by just blowing air around.

The scan in #6 is actually at “structural damage” which was caused by high temp / low humidity air shrinking the framing too quickly causing damage to the stair header, adjacent 1st floor doors and the 2nd floor wall above!

Dave, Which version of FLIR software are you using?

It’s a shame they don’t teach basic sciences anymore…:roll:

John , I have them all.

I think I did these with Build IR.

But you can use Flir Tools (+) also.

(all are the latest versions). Depends on the type of report I am writing.

The ceiling fan hypothesis, HA HA HA